Types of Escorts You Will Meet

In case you intend to have more than just one session with escorts in your life, then you will certainly encounter a large variety of escort types. There are plenty of reasons why escorts get into this industry, and they certainly have even more motivations for keeping the career. Escorts can be categorized and the following types we will talk about are the most popular ones.


Material Girl

This type of escort is exactly as she sounds. There is no doubt that she is strongly motivated by money. She usually associates physical things of value with status. Most of the time she carries designer bags and wears imported shoes. This type of escort will always insist on the best, from hotel suites to fine and expensive wine, she will not be satisfied unless it is costly and seemingly associated with the rich as well as famous. Material girls expect great tips, amazing gifts, and high rates. Her main goals are luxury and wealth. In case you are looking for a girl who knows her way in and out of the wealthy circles, then this type of escort is exactly what you need.

Rebel Escort

If you are looking for fun then a rebel escort will meet all your needs. The rebel escort will enjoy to the fullest shocking others with her actions and language. On the surface, she is definitely capable of acting refined, but what she enjoys the most is to get nasty, talk dirty, and also be kinky. Clients who want a good girl turned bad escort will need to hire a rebel escort. It is not necessary to have a big budget, because these girls usually request a decent amount of money for their services.

Hard-Working Escort

An escort in this category is usually extremely grounded and has lots of common sense. She could be a former beauty queen who realized that crowns are only for the ”other” girls. As the name says, the hard-working escort works very hard for what she wants, and she offers very good service all the time so that every client can be completely satisfied. A hard-working escort will not take any nonsense. Therefore, if you want an escort who will treat you very well, then don’t hesitate and choose the hard-working type.

Niche Escort

These type of escorts offers non-mainstream services and activities that most others will not. They have some weird fetishes and they may walk the wild side. One thing is sure when it comes to niche escorts, they are a lot more open-minded, having seen a lot of non-typical behavior. However, don’t be surprised if you will notice that they have stricter rules and policies that the rest of escorts. Due to the fact that they do some things that other escorts don’t, there is no doubt that niche escorts have a monopoly on business. They also have strong stances regarding respect, scheduling, and tardiness. Even if their rates are quite high, the provided services are certainly unforgettable. If you are looking for a standard girlfriend experience, then you should not seek out a niche escort.

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